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APTdoc 1.5 is the documentation tool for Gupta/Centura SQLWindows APT source code.

It scans the source code for relationships between elements (variables, functions, classes, windows and comments) and it generates nice, readable and portable HTML output. It is very easy to use, it works with any number of source modules, it is highly configurable and it is able to show the cross-references (i.e. it can tell you what are the callers and the callees of any function).

See sample of generated documentation.

Present features:

  • display of these outline items: System Constants, User Constants, Global Variables, Global Functions, Classes, Windows
  • in each object: Description, Comments
  • in each function (global, member): Returns, Parameters, Variables (static, local)
  • in each class: list of Derived From, Functions, Variables (class, instance), Message Actions
  • in each window: Functions, Variables, Parameters, Message Actions
  • generation from multiple modules together
  • view by modules or by components
  • color schemes
  • inserting references to external documents
  • cross-references
    list of function calls (whom I call)
    reverse list of calls (who calls me)
    reference to the parent class from inherited class

In the next version:

  • graphical user interface
  • a lot of user settings

Demo version limitations:
Only 3 items in each section will be generated (e.g. only 3 global functions, 3 classes, 3 functions in each class etc.)

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