What's new in AQueryx 1.1.5

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  • Vertical scrollbar in the Autoform.

  • CSV From One Column
    - if you want to export Comma Separated Values from one column of the grid.
    - select one column by clicking its title and run menu Grid / CSV From One Column.
    - if more than one row is selected, the only selected rows are exported, otherwise all rows are exported.
    Examples of usage:
    - export a list of email addresses:
        name1@company1.com, name2@company2.com, name3@company3.com, ...
    - export a list of ID's for use in "in" clause:
        select ... from ... where atribute in (value1, value2, value3, ...)

  • New format in Message Pane:
    [123] [OK] [2.65 s]
    - command number
    - OK or ERR
    - elapsed time (new)

  • Bugfix: Lost focus after click on buttons Disconnect, Commit, Rollback.

  • Message pane color setting in 'normal' and 'error' state:
    Menu Settings / Colors:
        "Message pane - Normal color..."
        "Message pane - Error color..."

  • The limit MAX_ROWS_IN_GRID (menu Settings) was increased to 10000, but we recommend to use lower values between (1000-5000), because the fetching of many rows from the wide tables takes a long time, and you do not need to see as many rows at a time.
    → If you need to export an entire resultset (more rows than MAX_ROWS), use "Export resultset" function (menu Query).

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