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What is new in XTG Data Modeller 2.3.1
Export image
- menu Report / Export image
- export to PNG, BMP and EMF formats
    PNG = Portable Network Graphics ( true-color, better compression than GIF )
    BMP = Windows Bitmap
    EMF = Enhanced Meta File
- export entire model, selected entities or group of print-grid pages
- exporting the print-grid pages: enter the filename, e.g. image.png, and the group of image_x_y.png files will be generated, e.g. image_1_1.png, image_2_1.png, image_1_2.png, image_2_2.png

Save Layout, Load Layout
- menu Tools
- it saves the [x,y] positions of entities and relationships to the file
- useful especially after repeated reengineering
- tip: you can save more layouts for one model: one for normal editing and the other one for printing of model compressed to one page in 'entity' view mode

Escape physical names
- menu Settings / Model Settings
- you can enter how to escape physical names in the SQL script output, e.g. "NAME" or [NAME]

Resizable dialogs
- dialog with grid are resizable (Attribute repository, Browse tables, Edit entity)
- their size and position is saved in INI
- useful for users with high screen resolution - you can see more rows in a grid

- combobox on relationship detail dialog (double-click on relatioship control point)
- the various database servers have a various set of possible 'on delete actions':
- we added the default value "--- nothing ---"   = no 'on delete' rule is generated

- the same options as ON DELETE


Reengineering of noname relationships - FIXED.

'default value' of attribute is not saved to XER file. - FIXED.

When a model is printed in black and white, there is no way to distinguish a yellow/gray PK/FK relationship. Both print as squares. - FIXED: PK/FK relationships are distinguished by double/single rectangle now.

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Last modification: 2001-07-06