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What is new in XTG Data Modeller 2.3.2
- You can define submodels in one XER file.
- Submodel is a logical group of entities.
- One entity can be in more submodels.
- You can copy or move entities between submodels.
- You can delete selected entities only from active submodel (menu Edit)
- You can delete one entity from all submodels (entity context menu)
- Each submodel remembers:
    - its name and description
    - subset of entities
    - positions of entities and relationships
    - level of view (physical/logical, entities/keys/attributes,...)

... DLL interface for manipulation with XER files.
- You can use it to generate your own documentation or source code.
- See example of output from testing application: xerfuntest.htm
- xerfun108.dll provides functions for obtaining information about tables and their attributes.
- Source code for XERFUN TEST application is available in XERFUN directory.


- indication of NOT NULL in HTML report

- choice of date format (for stamp and data preview)
    Menu Options / Date Format /   YYYY-MM-DD   or   DD.MM.YYYY   or   MM/DD/YYYY

- BUGFIX: drop index tablename.indexname (MS SQL Server)

- BUGFIX: reengineering of foreign keys from SQL script

- installer (install.exe + uninstall.exe)

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Last modification: 2001-09-05