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What is new in XTG Data Modeller 2.3.4


This small upgrade introduces following 2 features:

You have 4 options how to print your model now:
    - black and white
    - color objects
    - color background
    - color objects and background

2. Relationship Report in HTML


What will be new in the upcoming 2.4.0:
(November/December 2002)

The version 2.4.0 of Data Modeller will feature the new redesigned model of attribute repository. The idea of the former model of the repository was that every logical attribute (eg. customer_id) is always the same attribute in all the tables, even in the tables where it has been introduced by a relationship.
This is not always good. Take for example default values. If there is default value max+1 defined for the original PK attribute in the source table, there usually should not be the same default rule defined for this FK attribute in the target table. This can be solved by using derived attribute in the current version.
The new repository will be designed the way that every attribute is just in one table which will eliminate the problems of setting up the advanced properties of attributes.
There will be also a new and much requested feature added - the naming of PK and NN constraints.


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Last modification: 2002-11-06