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The XTG UniModeller (universal modeller) is intended for modelling of various diagrams and charts. It is not a specialized modeller in any way (we prepare XTG Process Modeller for process modelling, and we already have XTG Data Modeller for data modelling).

Main features:

  • Visual modelling of various diagrams and charts (e.g. flowchart, process model, kinfolk,...)
  • Printing
  • Export to picture (BMP, PNG, EMF)
  • Defining SUBMODELS (subordinate or independent)

  • Screenshots:

  • See brief on-line documentation for more information.

  • Download and try fully functional demo: xum_demo.zip (280 kB)

  • System requirements: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, 1 MB disk space

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