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XTG Data Modeller is a visual CASE tool for data structure modelling and documenting,
reverse engineering and exploring databases.

XTG Data Modeller - ScreenShots

Main features of XTGDM are:

  • visual data modelling using the comfortable GUI,
        see ScreenShots
  • reverse engineering via ODBC or from SQL script
  • user-defined datatypes (UDD)
  • generation of SQL scripts - example
  • user-defined HTML reports,
        see example1 and example2
  • multidimensional modelling support
  • switch between logical and physical view
  • attribute repository
  • definition of roles of attributes in the entities
  • defaults, constraints, indexes
  • referential integrity (primary and foreign keys)
  • user description of entities, attributes, relationships
  • color or black/white printing
  • ODBC connectivity to any data source
  • database exploration
  • free text objects on workspace
  • cardinality
  • export to PNG, BMP, EMF
  • defining SUBMODELS
  • XERFUN.DLL for manipulation with XER files
  • NEW:   XERCOMPARE - models comparator
  • Graphical object for database object VIEW
      What is new in 2.3.4

        What was new in 2.3.3
        What was new in 2.3.2
        What was new in 2.3.1
        What was new in 2.3.0


    XTG Data Modeller - ScreenShots

    The currently supported platforms:

  • InterBase / Firebird
  • MySQL
  • Centura SQLBase
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • DB2
  • Informix
  • Mimer

    System requirements:

  • Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / Win7 (32bit, 64bit)
  • 2 MB disk space
    SINGLE LICENSE: You may use the product on a single computer. You may make one copy of the product for backup purposes only.
    SITE MULTI LICENSE: You may use the product on an unlimited number of computers at one site (building,...), but owned or under control of you (e.g. 20 users in 1 branch office).
    UNLIMITED MULTI LICENSE: You may use the product on an unlimited number of computers, regardless of location, but owned or under control of you (e.g. 100 users in 10 branch offices in 10 cities).
    Limitations of SINGLE LITE version: The ODBC connectivity and the reengineering features are disabled. The number of entities is limited to 50.

    Our recommendation for installing XTGDM on Windows 7:
    If you install XTGDM to "Program Files", you must run xtgdm.exe as administrator,
    because otherwise the program cannot write to xtgdm.ini file.
    So we recommend to install it somewhere else, e.g. to C:\My Programs\xtgdm\

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