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Stop for a while, put your work aside and take a trip into the hexagonal world!

XTG Filler is simple logical game.   It is easy and it is fun!   It is freeware!       Download: xtgfiller.zip (23 kB)

  • The goal is to acquire more tiles than your opponent.
  • The new game is started by clicking on the START button.
  • In every turn you choose the color you wish to acquire by clicking on the corresponding tile and all the tiles having this color which lay beside all the tiles you have acquired so far are taken (and marked as white).
  • Then it is your opponent's (computer's) turn and his tiles are marked black.
  • When there are no free tiles left the game is over.
  • The tiles can be square or hexagonal (which is more fun!).
  • You can also choose the number of colors and the size of the game-board.
  • The colors of the tiles are randomly generated at the start of the game.
  • If you want to restart the game with the same colors of the tiles, click START while holding the CTRL key.
  • If you want to flip the game-board (play the same but reverse game), click START while holding the SHIFT key.
  • Holding both CTRL+SHIFT while clicking START button will take you to the special drawing mode. You can select a color for left and right mouse button. Holding CTRL while drawing will draw a hexagonal flower.

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